The manufacturing term here does not merely connect to shop and machine. Going beyond that, we built up a complete chain of manufacturing process, which includes demand realization, designing, manufacturing, testing, approving before handing over to customer. The whole process is closely monitored to ensure the quality of final product.

The engineering department is teamed up by a good combination of young, talented people with experienced veterans. They are skillful, knowledgeable, ready to support one another and can play in different position, just like a good football team.

We acquired a large range of tooling machines to meet the production requirements. We have CNC milling machines, turning machines, wire cut machines, drilling machines, plastic injection machines…

Aircraft Interior Part:

A lot of complaint airlines receive are related to the conditions of interior part (seatfairing, arm cap, bumper, meal tray….). We offer a total solution for that in terms of lead time, cost and quality.

- Seat Part Manufacturing

Tool & Equipment

The ability to produce tool and equipment for our own use as well as for our customers are proved over time. It on one hand reduces the cost and increase the revenue, on the other hand enhances the engineering capability and finally the strength of ATIC.