1- Overhaul

Understanding the needs of customer and taking immediate action is what we think and do at ATIC. We will make all of our effort to assist our customer to provide the serviceability of components on time.

- Wheel & Brake

For the airlines operators, wheel and brake maintenance and repair is crucial due to the high operational intensity of these components. Our wheel and brake shops deal with all the matters of maintenance, repair and overhaul. Step by step we gain our reputation through the strict conformity to the procedure and the realization of customer-minded commitment.

Our capabilities assure the servicing of wheels from different manufacturers, such as Goodrich, Messier-Bugatti, Meggitt. The capability list includes the A320, A321, A330, B737, B777, CRJ900, B200, B300, F70, ATR72 wheels and brakes maintenance and repair.  We serve Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, Air Mekong, VASCO, Laos Airlines…


- Galley Equipment

Galley equipments in perfect condition will gain credibility from passengers since they are the final judges to the service level onboard the airplane. Understanding the needs of airlines and passengers, we put ourselves in a position to take care of all the state-of the-art galley equipments (coffee maker, water boiler, oven, and chiller)


Taking advantage of current capability of manufacturing and of the skillful manpower, ATIC joined with an well-known interior company, Jackspeed Aviation to perform all the works related to the repair, overhaul and modification of interior parts. The quality of services proves the dynamic customer-minded thinking and doing towards the airlines customers, who benefits from international standard with local expense.


- New capabilities to aim at:


2- Ground Support Equipment

ATIC supports its customers for GSE manufacturing, modification and maintenance. The mentality is to give its customer localized but standardized products with affordable expense. We not only focus on the product itself, we rather look into the total solution that suits the customer’s demand.

- Passenger Stair

- Maintenance Stair & Docking System

- Nitogent & Oxygen Cart

- Conveyor Belt

- Wheel Trailer Cart

- Water Cart

- Lavatory Cart


3- Conveyor system:

- CMG Woodchips


- Air port


- Vertical Conveyor System


- Magnet Conveyor


- Conveyor for Fertilizer1


- Conveyor for carton


- Linke Conveyor System